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Kim & Charlie — Andes, NY

Kim & Charlie, Andes NY

Why did you decide to look for a home in the Catskills?
It’s relatively close to NYC but when you’re here you feel a million miles away.

How did you end up here?
First, we went in on an impulsive rental with friends and then we fell in love with the area.

How long have you owned your home here?
14 years

How do you make weekending work for you and your family?
We’ve found a great community of friends in the area who are both full-time residents and weekenders. It’s especially nice for our daughter having a totally separate life—a world away from her peer group in the city.

What do you love about the Catskills?
Vast amounts of untouched wild life and nature. The extreme sense of seasons. The community—the people who seem to gravitate upstate are unpretentious and pioneering.

What are your favorite things to do here?
Hike, boat, ski, garden, relax with friends/entertain/listen to records, hang out.

Name one thing you love about your house or property?
Our home is supplied with water from natural springs on our land. And we love all of the hidden worlds we continually discover on our property.

What advice would you give to people who are beginning to look for real estate in the Catskills?
Consider the elements & your place in all seasons—wind & sun in relation to the mountains. Each area has its own microclimate and all of the properties feel vastly different.

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Kim, Andes NY

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