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Cricket & Chris

Chris & Cricket

Why did you decide to look for a home in the Catskills?
We had spent many weekends in the Catskills and fell in love with the natural beauty and country vibe. We also didn’t want to be too close to the city – we were drawn to the remote less populated appeal of the Catskills. We ended up with a chalet on some land and it is perfect!

How did you end up here?
Initially, we just knew we wanted to buy a real home, not a shoebox in the city and liked the concept of “upstate” without anywhere specific in mind. We looked in a few different areas and then met Meade and Peggy looked at a few homes and knew the Catskills was where we’d like to end up.

How long have you owned your home here?
About a year and a half – closed in July 2015.

How do you make weekending work for you?
We own a TV production company in Brooklyn and can afford the luxury of working remotely at times, so we extend our weekends whenever possible. The drive is always worth it. The minute we step out of the car, let the dogs run around the yard, and smell the fresh air all the stress of the city just melts away.

What do you love about the Catskills?
We love the contrast of mountains and farmland and the rustic feeling you get wherever you go. What we weren’t expecting was how warm and welcoming the locals are – it never seems to be a quick chat, but rather an hour-long conversation. When we first moved in, all our neighbors from down the road stopped by to introduce themselves, bring a jar of jam, and offer advice. It was very sweet.

What are your favorite things to do here?
One of our favorite things to do in the summer is play a round of tennis at Andes Central School followed by a dip in the public pool by the courts. It feels like a resort and it’s all FREE! We also love hiking, kayaking, skiing, swimming in the lakes, vegging by the fire in the winter, sitting on the deck in the summer, and hosting friends. We also love exploring the area, just going for a drive and stumbling upon a 200 year-old cemetery in the middle of a field or finding an unassuming, amazing restaurant or antique store in a tiny town you didn’t even know was on the map.

Name one thing you love about your house or property?
A major selling point was the secluded feeling of the property, it’s surrounded by state land and there is a ginormous meadow behind our property that we’ve never seen anyone in other than the occasional tractor that conveniently cuts the grass for us (well really, they bale hay for the neighboring sheep). It feels like we have a 400-acre private back yard.

What advice would you give to people who are beginning to look for real estate in the Catskills?
Make a list of priorities, but keep an open mind. We initially wanted a turnkey property, but ended up with something that needed a lot of cosmetic updates. We are DIYers so have enjoyed the process of renovating everything to our tastes.  If you want a fireplace and the house doesn’t have one, factor that into the pricing and you can have one installed. Some things don’t have to be deal breakers. But more than anything go with your gut. Some places just “feel” right and ultimately that’s what helped us make our decision.

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